Introducing the dEEmBox

The new software IoT platform at the heart of your connected devices ecosystem

Our platform designed for your business

The dEEmBox, a personnalized version of our platform for your application, is at the centre of your connected devices ecosystem. It can either run on a local server or on a cloud. A dEEmBox is composed of the ThinkEE Core Technology and different Modules. Our Core Technology connects and manages your device while the Modules fill your specific needs. Our smart software architecture enables us to create your dEEmBox in a reduced among of time, efforts and costs.

Creating your dEEmBox

The superposition of our Core Technology and Modules to create your personnalized dEEmBox

ThinkEE Core Technology


One Core Full of Features

The ThinkEE Core Technology enables you to connect and manage a high number of devices. Our technology offers all the features you need: Real-time Management and Monitoring, Scalability and Data Storage.
Our software uses the latest web technologies and is based on asynchronous programming in order to make sure it is efficient.

Core Features

Data Storage

Real-time Management and Monitoring of your devices

You need a way to keep an eye on your data all day long? We can gather them for you.
Your device is battery dependant and only communicates once a day? No problems, ThinkEE will still be able to give you the last information retrieved.
You need to control your devices in real-time from a remote location? Don't worry... We also take care of that part.

You can truly manage your ecosystem in real-time!


Our innovative Lego type architecture assures a high scalability. Your dEEmBox only contains the Modules you need and nothing more.
You are worried that you may need another one in the future? You shouldn't! You will be able to add it thanks to our smart and evolutive architecture.

You will only pay for what you need!


Data Storage

Your dEEmBox takes care of your data storage. No need to know how to administrate a database. We take care of everything for you.
Moreover, your data are safe. Nobody can access them except you! In addition, our access right system places boundaries to your data.

Only you and your team can access your ecosystem information!

dEEmBox Customisation

Personalised Modules

Our Core Technology can be enhanced by Modules. These Modules enable the personalization of our technology for your application.
The good news is that we are here to help you develop new Modules to fulfil your concerns. What you need is what matters for us. Our architecture assures a high level of personalization for reduced efforts.


Customization Features

Data Processing
User Interface
Choice of the
Needed Protocols

Personalized Data Processing

What really makes a difference nowadays is the way the data are processed. Thus, our plateform is built to run any kind of algorithms including machine learning to enhance the power of your ecosystem.

Data processing is the key to information!

Personalized User Interface

Every application needs a specific interface. Indeed, from a home automation solution to a manufacturing process monitoring, you don't have the same requirements.
The architecture of our system prevents us to reinvent the wheel for each new interface.

Choose the way you want to access your ecosystem information!


Choice of the Needed Protocols

We believe that our solution should be adaptable to your ecosystem. Indeed, today, there are multiple standard protocols. Our system is able to communicate with most of them (KNX, ZWave, LoRa, Xcom). If one of your protocols is not in the list, we can add it.
We personalize the platform with our Modules to communicate with the devices you need.

The communication is here to create bridges between you and your ecosystem!