Swiss Living Challenge



An entity (company, individual), using different connected objects with different communication protocols, is looking, to centralize all their data, on one unique platform. The goal is to have a unique access point to these devices and data.

Initial State

The U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2017 is an international competition. In order to win, students from universities around the globe have to design and build the best life-size scale, fully operational, solar-powered pavilion.


The Swiss Living Challenge, the Swiss project, developed between multiples Swiss universities is attending this competition. This team needs to realise a functional home which requires a high number of skills in different domains. Indeed, they need to develop solutions from architecture to engineering. Nevertheless, because of the reduced time available, they cannot develop in-house all the features they want to have. They need to use existing technologies.

In order to have the most effective and optimized home, they decided to connect most of the devices they are using. They expect to be able to optimize the house energetic consumption by gathering data and processing them.
The solution needs to connect a high number of devices from different protocols but also to offer a way to process the data gathered. Moreover, the information retrieved from the data will be displayed to the occupants and to the visitors. It involves a user access right management system. Indeed, each user should only access the right data. Finally, the whole system should be developed and deployed in a short amount of time.

ThinkEE solution

Given ThinkEE competences in connected devices, in home automation but also thanks to the possibility to personalize the dEEmBox (protocols, User Interface, Algorithms, …) ThinkEE is a premium choice for this project. The dEEmBox has been developed so that companies can quickly create a connected devices ecosystem. Moreover, ThinkEE offers services to facilitate the personalization of the dEEmBox. The solution implemented is the following:

A full dEEmBox personalization centralizing all the devices. A personalized User Interface development according to this application. A user access right management system. The data should be accessible locally and from internet. Energy management algorithms implementation in order to create a better link between produced energy, stored energy and consumed energy.

Services offered

ThinkEE offers a personalization service in a close partnership with the customer. The specifications are defined and then ThinkEE handles the development of the needed Modules. However, if the Modules are already developed, they will be simply used. The User Interface development is also done by ThinkEE. In the case of the algorithms there are two possibilities: either they are developed and implemented by ThinkEE or only implemented by ThinkEE following a given pseudo-code. If the customer wants to keep its software private he can also implement it on its own. Nevertheless, ThinkEE offers consulting in development.

For this kind of project, the dEEmBox will run on a local server so that the platform is locally available 24h/24h. The ThinkEE Core Technology is at the centre of this solution. All the Modules developed are linked together thanks to it.

Future evolutions

This is also thd mission of ThinkEE to assure the services for the possible evolutions of the system. Thanks to its strongly adaptative architecture, the platform can quickly be adjusted. This is then totally possible to add some new protocols, a new interface or some new algorithms at any time by adding new modules.