Museum Environment Monitoring



An entity (company, individual) needs to monitor an environment. It is looking for an easy to use and adpatative solution for its environment.

Initial State

A museum, displaying sensitive historical work of art, wants to protect them from humidity and temperature variations. It also needs to be alerted in case of problems.


Works of art, in order to be well conserved, needs to be in a stable atmosphere. A precise control assures a stable environment. Moreover, as this atmosphere, humidity and temperature, is specific to one work of art it is important to know where it is.
However, the museum doesn’t have any knowledge to develop and install this kind of solution. Besides, it doesn’t find any solution customisable enough for its needs.

ThinkEE solution

ThinkEE’s knowledge in connected devices, from data gathering to data processing, and ThinkEE’s platform enabling the possibility to create a personalized solution in a reduced time are a plus. The solution offered to the museum is the following:

Development and deployment of a system to monitor the environmental conditions (humidity and temperature). The museum maintenance service can have a real-time monitoring room by room. Moreover, the system should be conscious of where the works of art are so it can send alerts if the conditions are exceeded in a certain context. A backup of the environment is done and the data can be accessed using a personalized User Interface on mobile and desktop computer. The operator can also act on the thermostats in real-time using this User Interface. Finally, the operator can set alerts specific to a work of art or a room if an environmental condition is exceeded. The alerts will then be send by text messages, mails or notifications on the User Interface.

Services offered

ThinkEE offers, in this case, a full service package going from specifications to integration: specifications definition in close partnership with the customer, ecosystem definition (sensors and actuators), dEEmBox personalization (modules development), integration and maintenance service.

Future evolutions

The modular dEEmBox architecture offers to the customer an evolving platform. Indeed, our platform is meant to evolve and to accept new devices. Thus, the museum operators may for instance need, in the future, to add an alarm system in order to assure the work of arts’ protection. ThinkEE assures a seamless integration of future devices even with new protocols. Therefore, all devices (sensors and actuators) are connected and managed from a unique platform and viewable from a unique User Interface. The time saved in development, deployment and evolution maintenance using ThinkEE is not negligible.